Presidents Message


Hello. My name is Jay Gesner, and I am president of the Illinois Licensed Beverage Association (ILBA). 


From 1936-1961 our predecessors named the organization “Retail Liquor Dealers’ Protective Association.” The country had just been through prohibition and businesses were hit with new state and federal laws, creating challenging economic times. Our retail industry forefathers fought to keep taxes and workplace rules fair and tried to find ways for their businesses to prosper.


Like those before us, the Illinois Licensed Beverage Association works hard to keep the business climate fair. In economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever to know your local and state elected officials. The ILBA employs lobbyists in Springfield and has been in many coalitions to keep our business climate steady. With the State of Illinois in the red, nothing will be off the table when the Legislature convenes for the 2011 session in January.  If you are not currently, I ask you to consider adding your name and business to the many that already belong to the ILBA. I urge you to get involved as your business may be at risk. The old saying “strength in numbers” is what our organization was founded on. It still holds true today.